This page contains the 15 palette images described in the 1998 Data Compression Conference Paper "Context Models for Palette Images". The images have been selected to represent a wide variety of image types. Each image has been compressed to the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) and the total compressed size of all 15 images is 377,428 bytes.

The first three pictures are standard Microsoft Windows background textures. They represent the class of small images containing two or three colors.

Noisy Pattern Structured Pattern Noisy Texture

The next two images are Microsoft Access motifs and contain seven or eight colors.

Seven Color Dither More Dither

The next image is the startup banner for PCanywhere version 2.0. It contains 10 colors.

Ten Color Structured

The next image was produced from a Windows Metafile that is part of the standard Microsoft Access distribution. It contains 46 colors.

Highly Structured

The following were banner images at various web sites in October of 1997. They contain from several tens to several hundred colors.

Ben and Jerry's
Yahoo Banner
Netscape Banner
Chronicle Banner

The next image was obtained from Microsoft Scenes promotional material.


The next image is the JPEG-LS reference document cmpnd1 color reduced by nearest color reduction.

JPEG-LS Compound Document #1

The next image is the JPEG-LS reference document cmpnd1 color reduced by nearest color reduction augmented with error diffusion.

JPEG-LS Compound Document #1

The last image is the black/white CCITT black/white reference document #1. It represents the class of scanned documents. The image is too large to display conveniently on a normal computer monitor and has been 4:1 reduced both dimensions by giving it a 1/4 size display rectangle (432x585 vs 1728*2339) on the html page. The data underlying the image is full size. Use the Save As command to save the full image.

CCITT Reference Document #1